JANUARY is on a mission to dress everyone in a jacket they love.

An adult human makes 35,000 decisions a day — you don’t need to make any more of them. The perfect jacket doesn’t just mean more closet space, it means more mental space.


“The new, go-to jacket”

Designed to support you wherever you’re going, the January jacket is warm and weighted with a minimalist cut, so it looks (and feels) good over anything.

Specifically manufactured with windproof and waterproof materials and designed for deep pockets without the puff, you’ll never have to spend another minute in front of your door wondering which coat to put on. On the days when you have a morning commute, afternoon yoga, and an evening date, you have January.


accessible, and warm”

“Design-forward, accessible, and warm”

Thoughtfully Designed

Stylish and machine-washable with a lifetime guarantee, you can finally get rid of that big frumpy coat you have for warmth but never liked, and the flimsy one that’s cute but always kept you freezing.

The perfect jacket designed to decrease your decision-making, so you can focus on everything else in your life — like your business, your mile-time, or what you’re gonna binge on Netflix tonight.

The Team

January was created by Lauralynn and Melanie. Lauralynn grew up in the cold winters of Buffalo, and was always frustrated when she had to dress to go outside. The choice was either dressing for warmth, or dressing for fashion — never both. So when she met Melanie, a skilled pro in starting fashionable, problem-solving apparel companies, it was a match made for winter. They teamed up to start January to keep everyone warm, stylish, and happy.

stay warm.

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